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A multicolour rhinestones halo headbandA multicolour rhinestones halo headband
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Multicolour Rhinestones halo headband


Stunning handmade halo headband with multi-colour rhinestones. The rhinestones and crystasl are of different colours and are applied to a black base.

This handmade halo headband with multicolour rhinestones and Crystals will easily and quickly add flair and sparkles to any look!

4cm width at its widest part
Hand-applied rhinestones
Deeply padded headband
Handmade item
Made in Italy

This headband is the ideal hair accessory for wedding guests and parties and it makes a great present and Christmas Gift!

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XSinch cm Sinch cm Minch cm Linch cm XLinch cm
32 82 34 87 36 92 38 97 40 102
25.5 65 27.5 69 29.5 74 31.5 79 33.5 84
34 86.5 36 91.5 38 96.5 40 101.5 42 106.5

To be measured at the fullest part of the chest while wearing a well fitted bra


To be measured at the narrowest part of the waist


To be measured at the fullest part of the hips

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