We aim to bring you tango clothes of high quality, comfort and elegance designed to highlight each woman’s best features. Many of our outfits easily transform from formal day wear to tango or evening wear, with the simple addition of a jacket or cardigan. Your needs and desires are important to us, as such dresses and skirts can be tailored to each woman’s individual needs and taste. We can custom-make our garments or make variations or alterations (e.g. open backs can be covered with lace, tulle or jersey, skirt’s and dresses’ length can be customized and more). All our outfits are hand-made in Europe. We strive to give you the best possible prices for high quality and elegant tango and evening clothes, that is why we have chosen to sell online and through a monthly showroom in London.  As we already give you the best prices we can for what we offer our collection never goes on SALE.

TLTB was created on the back of our own and our friends’ difficulties in finding appropriate clothing for tango practice and Milonga. We were looking for something that was both comfortable and elegant and at the same time created specifically for dancing tango. In our quest, we sourced dance clothes from the US, ballroom outfits that could be used for tango, and high street designers clothes that could be comfortable for dancing. We are delighted to announce that we now have an online boutique (and monthly Central London showroom) of clothes designed specifically for tango and handmade in Europe that are feminine and comfortable. Tango clothes designed by tango dancers for tango dancers! We hold a Central London showroom on Saturday (by appointment only) where you can try on and purchase our clothes. We are in W9, very close to the Maida Vale tube station. Email us for an appointment (info@thelondontangoboutique.com)!